Endless Summer Surf Retreat

We moved our 10 year old business from eastern Spain to the south-western coast of Portugal in 2012, and what a great move! 

The freedom of the ocean and the rugged wilderness is what drew us to this beautiful place a few years earlier.
Explorers called this the end of the world and it still has the feeling of remoteness,wildness, of the unknown and adventure.

The area is quite mystical, ancient megaliths dot the countryside and towns with names such as Sagres (sacred) harbour the old forts and churches of the middle age explorers.

The Portuguese respect nature and do live life in a very much slower pace then what is often the case in other parts of Europe.

A few days on holiday here and the rest of the world's hustle and bustle slips away, as if it were all a dream...beach cafes, smells of fresh baked fish, red and orange and gold as the sun dips below the water, wild surf, black sea cliffs, thick salty sea air.
On our holidays we try to make it as special as possible for everybody, whether it is helping you catch your first wave or out on a walking trip, trekking the back country, living free, exploring, relaxing and having fun.

Surf Retreat, Surf and Walking, Yoga and Surf



En-suite Rooms, Bunk

House, Groups


Kayaks, Bikes, Surfing & Climbing Equipment.


  • Welcoming you into our home – for a real experience of Portuguese rural life.
  • Personalised attention – we offer alternative adventures for small groups of like minded people.
  • Respect for local culture and environment. We are aware of and gentle towards the environment.
  • Professional and organised, and adaptable to individual group needs.
  • Value for your time and money.
  • Providing relaxation, enjoyment, fun and adventure.

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